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28 Feb

Svrzo’s House

The Ottomans have left an impact on almost all of the world. It was a strong empire and they weren’t a force to be messed with. As you may know, Bosnia was under the Ottoman rule for quite some time.  We must...
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18 Feb

Saint Joseph’s Church

Sarajevo is a multi-cultural city and is home to the four major religions. Aside from beautiful mosques and cathedrals, Sarajevo is home to Saint Joseph’s Church. The work started on the structure of church in 1936. This church was dedicated in 1940. In...
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1 Feb

129th Birthday of the National Museum!

If you know anything about the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina it is that it is full of different cultural events throughout the year. The Bosnians nourish their heritage and Culture whenever they get chance to. This month marks 129 birthday...
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11 Jan


Have you ever had the situation where someone mentions a country or city and you just spit out the first thing that comes to mind? Well I’m pretty sure you have. What the Alps are to the Swiss, French and Italians that...
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4 Jan


There are so many mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of you might not know this but, Bosnia and Herzegovina actually held the winter Olympics in 1984, therefore we know our mountains. A mountain that I believe everyone should visit given the...
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