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10 May

Sea side? Why not…

When you hear of Bosnia, you automatically thing of Sarajevo of Mostar. This is because they are the most visited cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but little do people know that Bosnia has many other cities that are worth visiting. I love...
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30 Apr


Since this is the city where many nations passed through, we have many different monuments. Sarajevo is a city where different cultures meet. On the left side of one street you can see monuments and buildings from the Ottoman period, then if...
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25 Apr


Among hundreds of mosques in Sarajevo, the most famous one is Gazi Husrev-bey mosque. I wouldn’t dare to say thr mkst beautiful one because ball if them are beautiful in their own way. Gazi Husrev-bey’s mosque os located in the Baščaršija neighborhood...
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10 Apr


I know I have written about Trebinje before, but I had to go visit Trebinje again, this time it was to see the beautiful Hercegovačka Gračanica. The beautiful Monastery that is located in the beautiful city of Trebinje. One of my friends...
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5 Apr

Stadion Grbavica

Many Sarajevans know that stadion Grbavica is where there heart wants to burst out of their chest, the place where they’ve cried and laughed oh so many times. Stadion Grbavica is the home to Sarajevo’s football club Željezničar. The stadion compared to...
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23 Mar

Goat’s Bridge

After asking the locals where’s the best place for me to go for a run they told me I had to go down the Miljacka and find the Goat’s bridge. I first asuumed I didn’t hear them correctly, the Goat’s bridge? Like...
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