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26 Sep

Igman Olympic Jumps

Sarajevo has gone through a lot. From the Austro Hungarian times to the Ottoman and leading all the way into the Siege in the 1990’s. But before the Siege and the war in Bosnia, Sarajevo was known for something else. Sarajevo was...
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20 Sep


When you visit Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina you automatically think about the war that hit the country in the 90’s. When it comes to Sarajevo you will probably think about the siege that occupied the citizens of Sarajevo for...
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15 Sep

Jahorina Film Festival

Jahorina is known in Bosnia and Herzegovina for its ski slopes and for the Winter Olympics in 1984. I happened to be in Sarajevo during the autumn and to be honest I didn’t want to visit the mountains because I was not...
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7 Aug

The hidden jewel Sarajevo

Once again summer rocked in and just as other travel I was planning my vacation, I had many destinations to choose from but not enough time. My friends had told me about the Balkans and about a country that counts roughly 3.5million...
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