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16 Jun

House of Spite

The ‘Inat Kuća’ or House of Spite was one of the coolest things I heard while in Sarajevo.  Today the Inat Kuća is a restaurant, but there is much more to this story. In 1878, when Austria-Hungary gained control of Bosnia and...
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2 Jun

Svrzo House Sarajevo

Since I was staying at Franz Ferdinand Hostel, the location to all of the main tourist sites was pretty close, you could walk to all of them. Svrzo’s house was a bit up hill so I already saw it as a challenge....
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24 May


I was born during the war and even though I was not in Sarajevo, my mother tried to preserve and cherish our traditions and customs. Therefore the taste of childhood I remember after the homemade jam and hot bread.      ...
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20 May

Ramadan in SARAJEVO

Ramadan is a special Muslim month and it is particularly noticeable and unique in Sarajevo which, during the Ramadan days, is filled with the spiritual energy and specific atmosphere. Ramadan, except for being closer to God, is the month in which the...
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14 May


I was tired of walking through the cities and I needed to see some nature, I mean everybody told me that Bosnia and Herzegovina had so much to offer. I had visited some of the natural parks and some beautiful springs. A...
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