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10 Apr


I know I have written about Trebinje before, but I had to go visit Trebinje again, this time it was to see the beautiful Hercegovačka Gračanica. The beautiful Monastery that is located in the beautiful city of Trebinje. One of my friends...
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5 Apr

Stadion Grbavica

Many Sarajevans know that stadion Grbavica is where there heart wants to burst out of their chest, the place where they’ve cried and laughed oh so many times. Stadion Grbavica is the home to Sarajevo’s football club Željezničar. The stadion compared to...
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23 Mar

Goat’s Bridge

After asking the locals where’s the best place for me to go for a run they told me I had to go down the Miljacka and find the Goat’s bridge. I first asuumed I didn’t hear them correctly, the Goat’s bridge? Like...
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17 Mar


While I was travelling down to Herzegovina, there was a city that I just had to visit while down there. The city is located in Herzegovina, close to the border of Croatia, Međugorje. Međugorje is special in many ways. The most important...
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13 Mar

The ‘Canned Beef’ Monument

As many of you may know Sarajevo was under the siege for more than three years, the longest that a capital city was ever under siege for. During those hard days, the Bosnians were waiting for the International community to help, waiting...
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9 Mar

First Impression of Sarajevo

When I first mentioned to my friends and family that I would be visiting Bosnia- Sarajevo to be exact. Many asked me where is Sarajevo? The others asked me is it safe because of the war? Not many of you might know...
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