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22 Mar

Back in time.

Let’s go back in time…   When you read about Bosnia, you get the fact that there is a lot of history in it. Let’s get some education, but not the boring kind. J Old village-town Počitelj: In 14th century, year 1326,...
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13 Mar

Latin bridge and its significance

Bosnia and Herzegovina was in a center of attention when Gavrilo Princip associated Austro Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Franz and his pregnant wife Sophie came to Sarajevo to visit the Austro-Hungarian troops, the National Museum, and to take a...
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8 Mar

Ten facts about Sarajevo

When I first decided to go to Bosnia, I didn’t know anything about its history, culture and people. Then I came to Sarajevo, got into some conversations, and more and more I talked, more have I learned, but wanted to learn even...
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13 Feb

Valentine’s Day in Sarajevo

Holy Valentin was the first bishop in town Terni, in 3rd century. At that time church was in charge of everything, so they said that celebrations can’t be organized during holidays. Holidays ended on 13th February, so first “free celebration day” is...
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