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20 Feb

Ice hockey World Championship Division III BiH

Lets put in a little bit history about hockey fist. J
Name “hockey” started its use from 16th century. Europe had developed a lot of games similar to hockey, so English man and French men in Canada played hockey on frozen rivers and lakes in their shoes, and they tied knives for cutting cheese to it so they could slide easily. Because of that, there is a theory that hockey was invented in town Windsor in Canada. First time in this game, instead of a little ball, was used puck in 1886.

After this brief introduction, let me introduce with Sarajevo’s event.

You thought that there is nothing to see or do in Bosnia unless it is summer?
Well, that’s not true.
Among plenty things that you can do in Sarajevo, there is this awesome event that is going to happen by the end of this month.
It is the Ice hockey World Championship qualifications.
South Africa and Bosnia are the hosts. J
We cannot be more proud.
This is a great event that drove a lot of attention, which it deserves.
Super proud on our representation, and I wish you good luck, and all the best on these qualifications.
We’re here to cheer for you. J
25 February 2018            Turkmenistan – United Arab Emirates
25 February 2018             Kuwait – Bosnia and Herzegovina
25 February 2018             Kuwait – Turkmenistan
25 February 2018              United Arab Emirates – Bosnia and Herzegovina
25 February 2018              United Arab Emirates – Kuwait
25 February 2018              Bosnia and Herzegovina – Turkmenistan

So, if you are up to see some awesome play, and enjoy the atmosphere, come to Sarajevo on February 25th.  I’m sure that you will. J And, get ready for some awesome games.

So, see you soon guys.