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13 Feb

Valentine’s Day in Sarajevo

Holy Valentin was the first bishop in town Terni, in 3rd century. At that time church was in charge of everything, so they said that celebrations can’t be organized during holidays.
Holidays ended on 13th February, so first “free celebration day” is on 14th February.
Men made cards for girls they liked, and then they would leave it at their door.
And that is the day they would get married with their better half.
So, because the bishop at that time was Valentin, that day was named after him “Valentine’s day.”
From then, and even nowadays that is the international day of love.

I’ve met a lot of couples who travel together, I asked all of them how is it to travel with you loved one.
One of them told me one sentence, and I think it is enough said.

“When two people are in love, who love traveling, they don’t just live, they don’t just make stories, they become a storytellers. “
So, suggestion for a valentine story is Sarajevo.

Don’t think that this city isn’t romantic. It has plenty to offer.

Romantic dinner with an awesome view
Amazing restaurant called “Park prinčeva” has this awesome view, great food and beautiful vines.
So, make a reservation until it is not too late, and prepare yourself to be amazed.

Valentine's Day in Sarajevo Valentines Day in Sarajevo

Romantic walk or a ride down big alley
What is more romantic then a ride on a horse carriage, down this beautiful alley, and coming into wonderful natural park, having a picnic?
You cannot think of anything right? J
Well then, assure your valentine’s day and organize this.

Valentine's Day in Sarajevo vrelo bosne

Ice skating is one of my favorite things to do with my loved one.
I’m a lover of ice skating, like a little child, so for me this is top destination.
Holding hands, trying to ice skate, even falls, it is all awesome.
It is a guarantee that you are going to have a great time with your better half.

Valentine's Day in Sarajevo skejt park

And there is much more, but if this woke up you attention, you are going to have to come to Sarajevo, and explore the rest. J

See you on Valentine’s Day.  <3