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31 May

Magic No. 2

You know those days when you get up early morning, and just feel so blessed?
Celebrating Bajram means just that.
You didn’t sleep enough, but it doesn’t bother you, because you know this is one of those special days.
I’ll tell you how it looks in my hose.

After getting up, I and my mom make some Bosnian coffee.
At the same time, we’re helping my brother and my father to get ready, put on their best clothes, and then they go to a mosque, because, in Islam men go and pray in mosque when it is time for that special holiday, Bajram.

Magic No. 2 bajram namaz

Meanwhile, me and my mom are finishing up our morning coffee, and making everything ready for the rest of the day.
After the mosque, brother and father are coming back home, and we’re waiting for them at the door.
As they come to the door, we congratulate each other with words “Bajram Šerif Mubarek Olsun”

After that, we all get ready, get presents ready, and we go off to my nana.
Going there you see everybody happy, with presents in their hands, going to their siblings.
Nana waits for us at the front door, and after congrats, we get into the house, and then the lunch starts.
There is appetizer, main dish, and the desert. Desert is always a traditional Bosnian dish – Baklava. J

After that it is the laugh time, funny stories, and telling memories. Beautiful day.
Than we get back home, and of course, the youth of the family (me and brotherJ), we’re getting ready to go out with our friends so we can celebrate it with them,  and my parents stay at home so they can celebrate it with neighbors. There is always at least 20 friends on that coffee, so you can imagine how it is.
It is pure magic. J <3

Magic No. 2 bajram