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8 Mar

Ten facts about Sarajevo

When I first decided to go to Bosnia, I didn’t know anything about its history, culture and people.
Then I came to Sarajevo, got into some conversations, and more and more I talked, more have I learned, but wanted to learn even more.

Bosnia has such rich history, that you could listen to it for days.
But, instead of that, I going to give you ten facts about it, which many of you didn’t know.

1. During the Roman Empire Sarajevo together with Bosnia was a border city between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires.
Conflicts between Illyrians and Romans started 229. B.n.e.
Final conquering Illyrian territory was in 35 b.n.e.
They lived there, build villages, roads and more until year 359th. At that time Czar Teodosije divided Kingdom into two parts, east and west Roman Empire. Then Sarajevo became a border city between those to Empires, until the West Roman Empire fell in 476th year.

2. Slavs came to Bosnia in the beginning of 7th century. They used Roman buildings to live, until they left for the hills. In all of the records from that time, Bosnia held name “Vrh-Bosna”
As soon as the Ottoman Empire came in 1429, name was changed into Bosna-Saraj.

3. Sarajevo is the only city in whole wide world that has mountains just 30 minutes away from the center.

sarajevo Ten facts about Sarajevo sarajevo

4. In the last 100 years, Sarajevo has been a member of Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kingdom of Bosnia, Independent state of Croatia, Jugoslavia and at the end Bosnia and Herzegovina.

5. Sarajevo has 10 bridges over the river Miljacka. But the most significant is the Latin bridge, because right next to it the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife happened.

sarajevo Ten facts about Sarajevo bentbasa

6. In 1914, WWI was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg. They were killed by Gavrilo Princip.

sarajevo Ten facts about Sarajevo franz ferdinand

7. Sarajevo was first city in Europe that had tram system.

sarajevo Ten facts about Sarajevo sarajevo old

8. In 1984 Sarajevo was a host of Winter Olympic Games, on its mountains around the city.

sarajevo Ten facts about Sarajevo sarajevo olimpic game

9. Sarajevo had the longest-running siege in modern war history (1425 days)

sarajevo Ten facts about Sarajevo sarajevo war