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31 May

City on 9 rivers

The city that I am about to tell you about, is one of those cities that I still didn’t visit, but I really want to, and hopefully I will soon.
But, every time I want to go somewhere, I do as much as research as I can, so in the next sentences, I would like to show what have I discovered so far. J

It is a small city, but has so much soul in it. People fascinate you with their awesome hospitability and kindness, they make your staying there even more satisfying.
They have beautiful parks, coffee shops, clubs, walking areas and more.
The thing that I like the most, is that beautiful river that goes through the center of the city, divides the city in two parts, but it is brought together with the beautiful bridge.

City on 9 rivers bosnia river

Except that river, there are eight smaller rivers that go through that city, and around it.
Nature lovers will be amazed.

When you search more into the nature, you’ll see that there is one spring that has healing effects.
There are two caves that I have to mention.
One cave is underwater, and it is so cute, with pure water, that I am stunned. J
Check it for yourself.

City on 9 rivers bosnia rivers

Other cave has a prehistorical drawings on the walls, and it is really spectacular to see and explore.

City on 9 rivers bosnian cave

You see why it has been a living place for a cave man. J

The last thing that I’m about to tell you is the most interesting thing in the whole city.
Waterfall “Bliha”, or “Bliha’s jumps”

It has the height of 56 meters, creating extraordinary beauty.
City created a nature park around that waterfall, with surface of 50 square kilometers.

It takes maybe 15 minutes of walk to see the waterfall, and it’s worth it.

City on 9 rivers skakavac

Imagine the colors of trees in autumn season, stunning.