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27 May


Picture is worth a thousand words, right?

This beautiful place has 497hectares, that’s why I think it is the best to make it a day trip, not just a few hours, because definitely, that’s not enough.

You can see so many caves, nature, and historical things you cannot even imagine.
Is it enough for me to say that they found some tools for cultivation stones, from the cave men?
Yeah, I think it is as well.
You can ride a bike there, ride a horse, go for a walk in nature, you can try out mountain climbing.
Nature lovers, you hear that?
Summer is the best time of the year for this.
When you are enough of the cities, buildings, noise and so on, pack your bags and just come here.
It is going to bring you inner peace, immediately.
Besides having a rich offer for visitors, it’s main attraction is the Bijambare cave, which is very rich in cave jewelry (stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, big baths, pillars …), which is close to 400 meters open for visitors. It consists of four corridors, the last of which is the largest and is called the “concert hall”.

Bijambare bijambare cave

The central Bijambare cave is a special geological reserve, while Upper Bijambare cave is a paleontological monument of nature. In this area there are eight caves in total.

In addition to these attractions, in Bijambare area there is also the “Mramorje” tombstone necropolis, a protected historical site, a precious testimony to the continuity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bijambare ste  ak bijambare

And bring to the side all that, at some point of walking you are going to get hungry. J
Not to worry for that because you have restaurants, coffee shops and a store. So you have everything inside that you need. J
I can guarantee that this is going to be your next choice, so enjoy it.