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15 Nov

Traditional Bosnian Desserts

Many people don’t know much about Bosnia, but one thing I’ve come to learn is that Bosnians sure have a sweet tooth! They love to drink coffee and you can never drink coffee without something sweet on the side.

They might not have their tiramisu or famous apple pies to classify themselves worldwide but they do have their share of desserts. Throughout this blog, I feel as if it is my obligation to tell you guys about the delicious traditional Bosnian desserts that I have had a privilege to try- and oh boy! Trust me they are delish!

I’m just going to mention a few of my favorite.

The first one is definitely a Tulumba!

3  Traditional Bosnian Desserts 3

At first glance, they look like a mini version of churros just fatter! But they are far from churros. Tulumbe (pl.of Tulumba in Bosnian) are dated all the way back to the former Ottoman Empire. A Tulumba is a fried batter that is soaked in agda (syrup). They are not stuffed and they are soo yummy. I am a huge chocolate fan- but these babies are just so delicious!

Number 2 on my list is definitely a Tufahija! (Didn’t notice this one starts with a T as well)

45  Traditional Bosnian Desserts 45

A Tufahija, is a Bosnian dessert that is actually quite simple to make. It is basically an apple that is boiled and stewed in a sugary syrup and some cinnamon, it is then take out of this syrup stuffed with walnuts and a spoon or two of this syrup is glazed over the apple, then last but not least it is topped with whipped cream.

Number 3 has got to be Šampita!

5  Traditional Bosnian Desserts 5

A Šampita is a dessert with a very thin biscuit base and it is topped with a thick whipped meringue. It is full of flavor. And it isn’t a hassle to make!

Last but definitely not least- the infamous BAKLAVA!

baklava  Traditional Bosnian Desserts baklava

Different countries make their own baklava- and each country add its own twist to the Baklava. Bosnians don’t like to experiment much with spices therefore their Baklava is a simple yet delicious walnut filled baklava. It is usually made for special events, important family gatherings and of course for the holiday of Eid. Baklava is usually cut into diamond like pieces.

Aside from the desserts I have mentioned, there are so many more for example: Kadaif, Jabukovača, Hurmašice and so many more. Looking at these pictures has got me craving something sweet.

kadaif  Traditional Bosnian Desserts kadaif