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Sarajevo Sunset
5 May


Sarajevo History

  • Sarajevo Art
  • Unique scent (the old streets full of musk, jasmine, etc.)
  • Passion in every single move. The way people walk and talk. The way they laugh.
  • Sound. In Sarajevo everything sounds different and special.
  • Colors. The streets are colored with so many colors, even the sky has different colors.
  • Magnificent food. Every move you make relates to your need for food, because the best food is here.
  • Extraordinary air
  • World patchwork.
  • Love. In every corner of the city you will find love or you will find the reason to love.
  • Heart. When you hear the word Sarajevo suddenly your heart starts to beat faster cause you know that Sarajevo has the biggest heart in the planet, Universe.
  • Beauty. Beauty in every shape, every face, hand, hair and nose. Beauty in every tram station or in a pub.
  • Coffee. Bosnian coffee is the best way to embrace the day.
  • Orchestra of crickets.
  • Rainbow’s dance.
  • Humor.
  • Prayers.
  • Elegance and untidiness.
  • Chess.
  • Accordion and guitar.
  • Cannon.
  • Laughing and crying.

Now, after reading all this words that describe the city. What we suggest is definitely the best way to feel these words is on your skin, visit Sarajevo and stay in our hostel, Franz Ferdinand Hostel and collect the history, memories and feelings of the city. Take a break and visit us and enjoy the beauty of the city and the many wonders it offers.

There is no sunset like a Sarajevo sunset and you have to visit us to experience it yourself.