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18 Feb

Saint Joseph’s Church

Sarajevo is a multi-cultural city and is home to the four major religions. Aside from beautiful mosques and cathedrals, Sarajevo is home to Saint Joseph’s Church.

The work started on the structure of church in 1936. This church was dedicated in 1940. In the south, west and east walls of the church, there are a further fifteen tombs. It is a tiny church compared to others around the world but it truly has lots to offer.

In 2008 this beautiful Roman Catholic Church was declared a national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The building on this beautiful church again in the August 16th 1936 and was officially completed in 1939.

As you walk into this beautiful Roman Catholic Church up you will see something that resembles mostly all of the Catholic Church’s beautiful stained glass. Even though the Roman Catholic Church did undergo damage bring the wharf from a 1992 to 1995 since then it has under the instructor all repairs and restoration work being carried out on murals and stained glass. This beautiful church is located to only approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the old town of Sarajevo.

Sarajevo is filled with religious beauties that are definitely worth checking out. St. Joseph’s Church is just one of them.