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16 Apr

Tito’s Bunker

Mountain Zlatar that is located nearby town called Konjic held biggest military secret of former Yugoslavia. There has been built biggest atomic shelter, and it was called D-O Ark, and it was the main command place of their military. For this place,...
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13 Apr

International Workers Day

Whole 19th century was marked with exploitation of workers. Small paychecks. Working every day 12 to 18 hours, kids and adults, and having no money to support their families, they were miserable. So everyone started a strike. Strike had the greatest momentum...
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10 Apr

Day of Youth

In former Yugoslavia, 25th May is considered as a Day of Youth and the Day of birth of President, Josip Broz Tito, even though he was on born on 7th of May. In 1947, the idea of relay of youth was given...
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26 Mar

Cable railway reopened.

You all know how war that happened in our country destroyed a lot of things. Well, that also happened with the cable railway. It started its way in 1959, and was working until that unfortunate event. Railway was constructed by Bosnian firms,...
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22 Mar

Back in time.

Let’s go back in time…   When you read about Bosnia, you get the fact that there is a lot of history in it. Let’s get some education, but not the boring kind. J Old village-town Počitelj: In 14th century, year 1326,...
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13 Mar

Latin bridge and its significance

Bosnia and Herzegovina was in a center of attention when Gavrilo Princip associated Austro Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Franz and his pregnant wife Sophie came to Sarajevo to visit the Austro-Hungarian troops, the National Museum, and to take a...
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