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Boutique Hostel Franz Ferdinand right in the heart of Sarajevo!

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Sarajevo Hostel Franz Ferdinand is the first and only real Boutique Hostel in the centre of Sarajevo. In 5 years it became most rented property in the city and one that visitors rank the highest on all important travel sites. If you are looking for comfortable accommodation in the center, easy on your budget, private rooms or mixed dorms – look no further.

In a charming building, built in the Austro-Hungarian period, young architects and designers refurbished the space and shaped a hostel that tells the story of the event that initiated the First World War and forever marked Sarajevo on the map of the world – the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian archduke and Royal Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.

Every room in the hostel is authentic and you can choose to sleep in the Franz Ferdinand Room, Sophie Chotek Room, the Mlada Bosna Room or the assassin Gavrilo Princip Room or rather, take the romantic room of the couple in love, the Sophie and Franz Room.

Everything is close at hand from the quiet street where the Franz Ferdinand Hostel is located.

The street leads you to the main pedestrian zone. Popular gathering places, clubs and restaurants are in the street right across it. The old part of the city, Baščaršija, is only a couple of minutes walking distance away from our hostel, and the distance is approximately the same to the center of the Sarajevo festivals, by which the city became well known in the period after the war. If you want to see all the landmarks of the city, which we cordially recommend, you can take a short walk to most of them from the Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo.

Apart from a comfortable bed, a clean and air-conditioned room and bathroom, irresistible design and the central location, we offer you a continental breakfast included in the price.

Our kind and friendly staff’s priority is a safe and entertaining time in Sarajevo that’s also easy on the budget. The atmosphere in the hostel is relaxed and friendly– there is no question you can ask for which we will not at least try to find an answer. Along with our always available staff, we have designed additional services to round your stay in Sarajevo, from transportation and parking to professional tour guides.

If you are looking for peace, privacy or you want to meet new people and acquire friends, whether young or elderly, come to the Franz Ferdinand Hostel in Sarajevo!