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13 Mar

Latin bridge and its significance

Bosnia and Herzegovina was in a center of attention when Gavrilo Princip associated Austro Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.
Franz and his pregnant wife Sophie came to Sarajevo to visit the Austro-Hungarian troops, the National Museum, and to take a ride in the first tram in Europe. In Sarajevo, they should celebrate 14th anniversary of their marriage. A large number of citizens came out to the streets that day to greet the prominent couple, and among them were also members of the organization “Mlada Bosna” who had different intentions.

The first attempt took Nedeljko Čabrinović who threw a bomb at the car in which were Franz and Sophie, but the bomb exploded in crowd beside car. No one thought about the second attempt. Second attempt performed Gavrilo Princip with gun. He fired two bullets that killed Franz and his pregnant wife. This attack triggered the bloody wars that followed around the world, which lasted until 11th November 1918.  WWI killed more than 15 million people, and left injuring 22 million. It is considered the fifth deadliest conflict in human history.
Latin bridge and its significance franz ferdinand

That happened right next to that bridge, the Latin bridge.
After that event, that bridge was named after the shooter Gavrilo „Principov most“ and later on, the name Latin bridge came back. J

Latin bridge and its significance bentbasa

But, let’s even go more in the past.
First mention of this bridge was in 1541, it was finished in 1565 by Ali Ajni-bey, and it was made of wood. Bridge got its name by the street nearby, „Latinluk“ or „Frankluk“ and was really important to people at that time.
Because of the floods that happened in Sarajevo 1791, bridge was destroyed, and after that built again, but with stone.

You have to agree that it is pretty interesting bridge, right??