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31 May

Magic No. 2

You know those days when you get up early morning, and just feel so blessed? Celebrating Bajram means just that. You didn’t sleep enough, but it doesn’t bother you, because you know this is one of those special days. I’ll tell you...
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31 May

City on 9 rivers

The city that I am about to tell you about, is one of those cities that I still didn’t visit, but I really want to, and hopefully I will soon. But, every time I want to go somewhere, I do as much...
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27 May


Picture is worth a thousand words, right? This beautiful place has 497hectares, that’s why I think it is the best to make it a day trip, not just a few hours, because definitely, that’s not enough. You can see so many caves,...
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24 May


Tasli Han (Tašlihan / Stone Inn) was a former caravan inn in Sarajevo, located at the beginning of Baščaršija where today Hotel Europe has a summer garden. The Tašli Han was built during the Ottoman Empire from 1540 – 1543 as Gazi Husrev...
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22 May

Magical part No.1 – Ramazan

My holidays were about to come, and I was thinking about going on some Balkan trip, to see their beauties. Because I didn’t know anything about its history, but wanted to learn, I booked my first ticket to Sarajevo, because it was...
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25 Apr

Modern Romeo and Juliet

What Romeo and what Juliet, no one has ever loved each other like Boško and Admira did. They have putted their love in front of the flags. – Those are the lyrics from a Bosnian bend “Zabranjeno pušenje.” Boško and Admira were...
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