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14 May


I was tired of walking through the cities and I needed to see some nature, I mean everybody told me that Bosnia and Herzegovina had so much to offer. I had visited some of the natural parks and some beautiful springs. A friend of mine that I met at the local coffee shop told me I should visit Vjetrenica. I knew that vjetar meant wind so my first questions was does it have something to do with wind. I know, how geeky. Vjetrenica means wind cave or blowhole.

vjetrenica cave VJETRENICA pe  ina

He told me that it was the largest and most important cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is also considered to be one of the most important caves in the Dinaric Alps mountain range. The cave is located in the western part of Herzegovina.

Off we were to Vjetrenica, it is located in Popovo Polje, meaning priest’s field.  Popovo Polje is also famous for its Trebišnjica River.  It is also has a large channel, roughly around 2.48 KM long.

We decided to pack up some lunches in our bags and head off to the cave. It was such a beautiful day, the tour guide explained to us along the way, all the herbs you can find in the fields to the Vjetrenica. It was beyond beautiful, we entered the cave, and to be honest I was scared to death but wow, it was beautiful. This is a place you definitely need to check out! I’m going to visit this cave on my next trip again.