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15 Sep

The “soul diva” Joss Stone is coming to Sarajevo!

Believe it or not Joss Stone is coming to Sarajevo! The soul diva is actually going to have a concert in Sarajevo on September 15th at the National Theater.
Joss Stone is one of the best British soul singers, songwriter and actress. She became famous at the age of only 14, when she published an album dedicated to Aretha Franklin.She is also the youngest singer ever to get on the British top list of album and she did this at the age of only 17. Oh and did I mention, she has a grammy?
I’ve grown up listening to so many of her songs, like Spoiled, or Right to be wrong. She is a singer from the United Kingdom, she has more than 14 million albums sold world wide.
Imagine this the theater is full of guests and out comes Ms. Stone herself, singing her song „Fell in love with a boy I fell in love once and almost completely“, and all of Sarajevo is on it’s feet and everyone is singing the song.
Stone couldn’t have picked a better place to continue her European tour this year.  Sarajevo is going to welcome her with smiles and opened arms because this city is a city that has a great soul, we love music and we love when musicians come to our city. Just think about the after parties that will be in Sarajevo after her concert has finished.
This is an event that you just can not miss out on! It just keeps getting better though, because the price range for the tickets is great, from 30 to 40BAM only!