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23 Sep

MESS 2016

You read that right, Mess is back again!

Mess is the International Theater Festival, it is hosted every year in Sarajevo.

It’s the 56th MESS, and it will start on September 30th and will last till the 9th of October.So we have 10 days to enjoy some great theater!
So, if you’re looking for something to do on the Friday, the 30th, look no further!

Be at the War Theater at 6P.M to watch “Correction” by the Czech director Jiri Havelke.

Oh and if you don’t know where to stay, hostel Franz Ferdinand, is waiting for you! Walking distance to all the plays. Does it get better?
This year’s grand opening will be “Galeb”, by none other than Tamasa Aschera, he is a multi-award winning MESS guest. The festival will go on for ten days, offering us 19 different plays from 16 different countries. Can you believe it? The diversity is amazing! I am sure you will find something in your genre. Just like every year, four additional plays will enter the MESS OFF competition where only one will be the best.

Besides having the possibility of watching a great play, there will also be various panel discussions, performances and book readings.

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See you at MESS!