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9 Mar

First Impression of Sarajevo

When I first mentioned to my friends and family that I would be visiting Bosnia- Sarajevo to be exact. Many asked me where is Sarajevo? The others asked me is it safe because of the war? Not many of you might know but the war ending 20 or so years ago. The country itself is still recovering but in my eyes I would not call it a war torn country. Ok ok, it is still devoping and changing as the years go by, it still needs some time to catch up with the more wealthier countires but trust me in some parts of the city you’d never imagine what the Bosnians were going through during the early 90s.

The first thing I was devouted on seeing is the Sebilj, the Sebilj is basically the trade mark for Sarajevo, you can find it on any postcard. The Sebilj isn’t just a simbol for the Bosnians, it’s something that even the typical Bosnian, if in Sarajevo needs to visit. People nowadays, tend to call it the pigeon square, because alot of pigeons gather here, you even have a guy seeling food to feed them.  After snapping a few selfies infront of the Sebilj. I head out through the streets of the old town.

sarajevo First Impression of Sarajevo kazan  iluk

I came upon a street called ‘Kazandžiluk’, I felt like I wasn’t in Sarajevo anymore. I felt as if I was lost in the streets of the Ottoman empire. Beautiful copper pots and saucers. Almost everything made out of copper. I wanted some coffee right away. But I felt as if I needed to see Sarajevo from above, I wanted to see a panoromic view of the city and I needed to do this asap, I mean I was amazed and confused at the same time. Am I in Sarajevo? Am I in Istanbul or am I in Vienna? I need to see this city from above to make sense of everything.

After asking a few locals they told me I had to visit the yellow fortress, and well that is where I was going! Up the hill aproximately 15 minutes or so and there I was. What a beautiful view.  The first thing I noticed was city hall! I’m pretty sure it was as magnificent as it was during the Austro-Hungarian period.

I got lost gazing into the beautiful city, before I knew two hours had passed and I enjoyed one of the prettiest , sunsets in my life.

sarajevo First Impression of Sarajevo bullet