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Christmas in Sarajevo

17 Dec

Christmas in Sarajevo

Christmas is a special holiday for many people across the world, and I couldn’t agree any more. Not just that one day of Christmas but the days leading to Christmas, there is something in the air that you just can’t express but would love to. You are so worried about what you are buying your friends and family well because after all you want to see them smile and you want to see them happy. You are worried about what to cook for Christmas Eve dinner or for dinner on Christmas? I was lucky enough to spend Christmas in Sarajevo, it was a huge cultural shock for me!

I knew that the majority of the population living in Sarajevo was probably Muslim, but I didn’t know how the people would be so nice and caring. I met a few people that actually ended up inviting me to spend Christmas with them, the lady obviously didn’t like to cook so the plan was to go out somewhere for Christmas. That morning her neighbor brought us Baklava! Yum! I thought they didn’t make baklava for Christmas, but then they told me that Baklava is made for any special occasion and Christmas cookies- oh my! I don’t remember when I had such good cookies because they were delish!!

We went out to this great restaurant that was located not too far from my hostel, I was so lucky that my hostel was dead smack in the center of literally everything. We went out for some traditional Bosnian food, I have to say I have a new love and it is called Sarma! Cabbage rolls stuffed with minced beef, spices and rice yum yum and yum in my tummm.

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Christmas morning, we headed off to mass at the beautiful Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in the center of Sarajevo, it was beautiful. Later on we had homemade wine while giving exchanging gifts. There was something special about Sarajevo, it was beyond amazing-the feeling I felt while I was there, no place definitely compares.



Merry Christmas to you all!