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11 Jan


Have you ever had the situation where someone mentions a country or city and you just spit out the first thing that comes to mind? Well I’m pretty sure you have. What the Alps are to the Swiss, French and Italians that is what Jahorina is to the Bosnians. Jahorina is a beautiful mountain that is full of so many adventures.

Unfortunately, I had visited Bosnia a few times and I never had the chance of visiting Jahorina. On my fourth journey, it was a must! Luckily, it had been snowing the two days prior to my trip up there, which meant snow! And I mean a lot of snow! The journey up the mountain takes approximately 45mins or so from the hostel.

Up the mountain you get a beautiful landscape. I don’t know why but seeing pine trees covered with snow is something beyond beautiful for me. We arrived up there, and to my amazement there was a lot of nice cafes and restaurants at ok prices.

Jahorina Jahorina jahorina ski

I had never skied and it was something that I just had to try. Luckily, our guide was an experienced skier because he is regularly up on the mountains around Sarajevo. We rented some ski gear (I didn’t even know there were special overalls and boots for this sport). We started slowly well because it was horrible, I was so scared and stiff. Everybody was making fun of me, but oh well you must live once!

Another thing I enjoyed so much up there was the tea!! They make a special blend of tea called Jahorinski tea (no honey, no sugar, no lemon needed!) See you up there! J