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4 Jan


There are so many mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of you might not know this but, Bosnia and Herzegovina actually held the winter Olympics in 1984, therefore we know our mountains.

A mountain that I believe everyone should visit given the choice is Bjelašnica. Bjelašnica held the men’s alpine skiing events during the 1984 winter Olympics. Once you arrive to Bjelašnica, you are going to notice that it actually does not have that many trails. Little did I know that my advantage was that the trails they did have were so well kept that I actually never came across any rocks.

For the transportation of skiers to the top, two saucers are available, two anchors and one triple seat that travels 12 minutes to the top of the mountain, so trust me they got you covered!
There are trails for every profile – beginner’s blue, pulled up by anchors and saucers, and serious Olympic black and red, pulled up by the triple seat installed after the war. You can advance to the top of the mountain by saucers.

The best part of Bjelašnica for me was definitely the night skiing! Bjelašnica is equipped with spotlights for night skiing recreations. The trail is approximately 750 meters in length. I’m a terrible skier so I always pick night skiing, because it turns into sledging, I know what can I say but I’m such a kid at heart.

Bjelasnica just blew me away, I wasn’t accustom to such snow earlier before so it was quiet interesting. The snow on the mountain was actually dry snow- just how I dreamed it would be! I am sitting in this cute small cottage while I am writing this blog. Overlooking the exact place where people all around the world gathered in 1984 to watch the beautiful winter Olympics.


Do not miss your chance to sled down the trails where ski legends skied!