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28 Feb

Svrzo’s House

The Ottomans have left an impact on almost all of the world. It was a strong empire and they weren’t a force to be messed with. As you may know, Bosnia was under the Ottoman rule for quite some time.  We must admit though that the Ottoman architect is one of a kind.

Svrzo’s House is a replica of a house from the Ottoman Empire. The house was built by the eminent Sarajevo family Glođo, whose member was famous Qadi Munib ef.Glođo, famous for the battle for autonomous Bosnia and Herzegovina within the Ottoman Empire.

Once you walk into this house you will feel like you have stepped back into time. It is an exact replica that represents a typical house from that period. The architecture is amazingly represented, the house itself is divided into two parts: the public part which is called ‘selamluk’, and the second part the ‘haremluk’ or the family part. The Svrzo family bought this house in the sixties and opened it to the public. During the siege of Sarajevo like other monuments and museums Svrzo’s House was damaged but in 1997, once again it was rebuilt and opened to the public.

Today Svrzo’s House belongs to the Museum of Sarajevo. If you are ever in Sarajevo and are interested in everything that Sarajevo has gone through then you must visit Svrzo’s house. Svrzo’s house helps visitors to imagine the life in Sarajevo during the past eras.