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29 Sep

What to do in Sarajevo during fall?

I know that many of us love the sun and warm weather, but what about the rest of us that don’t really enjoy the heat? Well luckily, for people like me fall is just around the corner.

Have you ever been in Sarajevo, during fall? If you haven’t it’s definitely something you need to add on to your list. Sarajevo has a few hidden gems that don’t come to mind as soon as you think of them but rest assured you will be amazed!

Think about it like this, you’ve just checked into your room at the Franz Ferdinand Hostel, its mid-September and you don’t know where to go or what to do. Well I have the answer for you! Get ready and off you go. Your first stop will be Wilson’s Walkway.

From the center of the town you will head out for a nice walk, it’s going to take you some 15 mins or so to make it to the walkway.
I always like to grab my headphones put some calm songs on and walk through this walkway. The leaves have fallen on the floor

and everything is soo color. Mustard yellow, brown, and beige colors pave the streets of this walkway.
On the right you will see Miljacka, running through this part of Sarajevo, go head take a seat on one of the benches. This can lead you to a lot of thinking, your imagination could take you anywhere.

Continue walking and you will stumble upon a man selling popcorn on the street, yum popcorn time!

Did I mention, that you can’t forget to take a few pictures and post them onto Instagram.