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2 Nov


They say music is an art. I’d agree with this statement, but music is more than just an art. You can get lost in music, you can find yourself in music. Doesn’t matter if you will get lost, found or maybe even create yourself- music is something special.

I don’t think that the African Americans in New Orleans back in the late 19th century would have ever thought that Jazz would become what it is today. As Jazz spread around the world, it drew on different national, regional and local musical cultures. Every culture more or less has their version of Jazz.

Yet, it’s that time of year again, time for the Jazz Fest! This one will be the 20th Jazz Fest to be held in Sarajevo. The Jazz Fest this year is from the 2nd of November up to the 6th of November. If you have been planning a trip to Sarajevo, or are in Sarajevo then you know exactly where to go. There will be different artists performing every night.  Every performance will be held at a different location, this will make you walk around Sarajevo and find the different stages, who doesn’t love a little scavenger hunt? Oh and did I mention it is the largest Jazz festival in Southeastern Europe?

I know I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the Taksim Trio, three very talented people, doing what they love. The box office is open and waiting for you to buy a ticket! So what are you waiting for?

Fall, Jazz and Sarajevo? Well is there anything better? I beg to differ!

Show up in Sarajevo and feel the music, feel the jazz! After all ‘the best jazz is where you least expect it’.