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10 May

Sea side? Why not…

When you hear of Bosnia, you automatically thing of Sarajevo of Mostar. This is because they are the most visited cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but little do people know that Bosnia has many other cities that are worth visiting. I love the sea and water in general and when my tour guide told me that I need to visit the sea side, I automatically thought of Croatia, no he said it is not Croatia it is Bosnia and Herzegovina. I must visit Neum he said, hmm where is Neum, I asked immediately. Bosnia’s one and only sea is the answer I got. I had to visit this- I mean I am in the country so why not? Neum away!

I quickly learned that Neum is the only city situated on Bosnia’s coastline, making it the only access to the Adriatic Sea. Once we entered Neum, wow is all I can say. I was quiet amazed….it is home to steep hills and beautiful sandy beaches. It was a small city but more than enough to make me fall in with it.

neum Sea side? Why not… neum

On your way from Hrasno to Neum, you will come across a beautiful old fort. We had to make a stop to see this beauty, it is a 3,000 year old fort at the side of the road. It is a place that more or less only the locals know about it, it has not been renovated it is not recognized as a tourist site, which was perfect for me. This was a great thing for me because this meant we could go in and explore the tower, you could walk right in and check it all out for yourself.