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10 Apr


I know I have written about Trebinje before, but I had to go visit Trebinje again, this time it was to see the beautiful Hercegovačka Gračanica. The beautiful Monastery that is located in the beautiful city of Trebinje. One of my friends that had previously visited asked me if I had visited the monastery, I was surprised because I hadn’t heard of it before. I was back in Bosnia and this time around I had to visit Trebinje once more.


Hercegovačka Gračanica is located on the historic side of Trebinje, on Crkvina Hill. The monastery itself is dedicated to the Vrigin Mary. Of course I did some research before going up to the monastery and online I found that it says: ‘Hercegovacka Gracanica belongs to the Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina of the Serbian Orthodox Church, whose monastery church represents a faithful copy of the church of the monastery of Gracanica in Kosovo and Metohija, the endowment of King Milutin (1282-1321)’, I had been to the monastery of Gracanica in Kosovo so this was a great way to see the so called replica.

The monastery was built in 2000 on the hill top in Trebinje.  The monastery can be seen from any corner of Trebinje and from the monastery itself you see all of Trebinje.  The memorial complex consists of the church of the Virgin with its bell tower, bishop’s palace, library, amphitheater, gallery, banquet hall, fountain and Jacuzzi.