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15 Sep

Jahorina Film Festival

Jahorina is known in Bosnia and Herzegovina for its ski slopes and for the Winter Olympics in 1984. I happened to be in Sarajevo during the autumn and to be honest I didn’t want to visit the mountains because I was not planning on doing any site seeing outside of the city.

jahorina film festival Jahorina Film Festival jahorina

I was staying at Franz Ferdinand Hostel and the amazing staff informed me of a Film Festival that was going on nearby. I had heard many good things about the Sarajevo Film Festival but I knew it was going on during the summer, in August to be exact. This Film Festival was on the Jahorina Mountain. I had to do some digging to learn a bit more about this mountain and if the Film Festival was actually worth checking out.

jahorina film festival Jahorina Film Festival jahorinaa

The Jahorina Film Festival is an international festival that airs documentaries, movies about tourism and ecology. The Film Festival is starting on September 20th till the 24th. I bought my tickets and best believe I will be heading out there!