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24 May


I was born during the war and even though I was not in Sarajevo, my mother tried to preserve and cherish our traditions and customs. Therefore the taste of childhood I remember after the homemade jam and hot bread.

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I remember like it was yesterday when my mother took the hot bread from the oven and told me not to touch it until it cools but however I always had to take the corner of it. It was hard growing up with other people’s tradition without feeling the scent of my street. This war, unfortunately, dragged many people away to the other side of the world. By returning back home in Sarajevo, we have tried to do more things that we could not in America, so I remember the fall six years ago when I went with my mother to harvest plums so that we can make that homemade jam.

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I remember when I was eating it with the slices of hot bread and back then like I never heard of ketchup and mayonnaise. So to this day I am trying to keep up with the tradition of making this homemade jam. Since I was craving for Bosnian customs, I am trying to cherish what I have now, and what I didn’t have there. You never know what kind of delicious meals you can make with love while you’re spending time with your family.